uPVC Windows in Christchurch

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Thermal and sound insulation

The new generation uPVC windows are resilient to UV and can provide best thermal performance while remaining a good price option for house owners. These windows have been successfully tested to the most strict world performance standards and we have also obtained certification for NZS 4218:2009 (with a value up to R=1.39 which is over 5 times higher than the New Zealand standard). High sound insulation with reduction of up to 47dB (when combined with triple glazing).


Choose from multiple colour options with the possibility of different colours on the inside and outside. Custom shapes including round windows are also available.

High security

Multiple locking points and glass fitting from inside as our basic option.

Opening Types

Winkhaus hardware, which is one of the best in the world, allows for the latest design options and versatility with German precision and practicality. All inward opening types allow for ease of cleaning and better security with 6 point locks around the sash. The tilt and turn version has micro ventilation options and comes with the possibility of sensor operation for automatic bathroom ventilation.

uPVC Windows Available in

Tilt, tilt and turn, turn or fixed

Frame Options


Double seal version of 76mm thick frame, thermal insulation u=0.76W/m2K (R=1.32), most economical option in our range with up to 35dB sound reduction.


Triple seal version of our 76mm thick frame, thermal insulation u=0.73W/m2K (R=1.37), with up to 42dB sound reduction.


Triple seal version of 88mm thick frame, thermal insulation u=0.72 W/m2K (R=1.39), up to 47dB sound reduction and passive house certification compliant.


The PVC-U window system with clip-on aluminium cladding combines the advantages of both materials in the one structural element providing a metal finish look sometimes required by clients. Plus, colour options are virtually unlimited and you can have an aluminium look outside and neutral colour inside!