Add Ons

Fingerprint Scanner

Fingerprint scanners are becoming extremely popular as a front door locking system. It allows programming for all members of the family and removes the need for keys. It can be integrated with the alarm and house automation system for extra security. Our Ekey system comes with a 5 year warranty and is number one in Europe.

Insect Screens

Insect screens are a popular addition which owners appreciate during summer months. They come as clip on frames which can be removed during winter, sliding frames, concertina or a roller type which can be used in combination with shade protection or external shutters.

Roller Shutters

Any traveler to Europe has admired the numerous external shutters visible on houses and apartments. These provide security, shade and extra insulation and work well with inwards opening windows. Profiles are either pvc or insulated aluminium and mounting is either integrated with the window frame or can be added and mounted externally. There are options for manual or electric and automated operation.

Micro Ventilation

A simple turn of the window handle to a 45 degrees position allows for a small gap to be created for ventilation while still keeping the window secure. Another option is REGEL-air 76, a ventilation solution for a regulated supply of fresh air – one that is fully automated and works while the window is closed. Fitted with a double-stage wind pressure regulator, REGEL-air 76 contributes to a healthy living climate and is easy to clean.

Auto Ventilation

Active pilot Control from Winkhaus allows for sensors to be fitted and connected to motorised window hardware. The means the window can open automatically, for example to vent the bathroom when the extraction fan is turned on.

Window Sill Extensions

Window sill extensions provide an extra space below the window to fit sills both internally and externally. It is welcomed by clients looking to achieve a European style finish around the window or replicate an old timber window look. They come in various styles and sizes and are generally white as they are hidden within the wall structure.

Flanged Frames

We have an option especially designed for concrete walls where windows are fitted into the recess and flashing tape or metal flashing is not desirable. The rubber seal fitted to the flange is pressed against the wall recess providing a weather seal.

Solar Power Glass

Our aluminium profile supplier has created an amazing system where photovoltaic cells are fitted onto glass. The glass facade or conservatory roof can then be used to generate electricity.